Is tile flooring still a trendy choice?

Is tile flooring still a trendy choice?

No doubt tile flooring is still a trendy choice among homeowners for any size flooring remodel. From kitchens to bedrooms, these materials offer outstanding benefits that will easily fit your requirements.

If you need the coolest floors in the summer or the longest lifespan, you’ll want to learn more about tile flooring. Read on to see why so many homeowners continue to choose this floor covering.

Trendy durability serves you well

Durability never goes out of style, and these floors have a reputation for 50 to 100 years when installed by a team of professionals. It’s important to clean porcelain and ceramic tile and maintain the surfaces according to the manufacturer's recommendations, which also increases lifespan.

Decor matching is always in style

One of the best features of tile flooring is the ability to match any décor scheme, from minimalistic to contemporary to eclectic. Shapes, colors, textures, sizes, and installation layouts are perfect for mixing and matching to achieve the perfect look that keeps you current.

Versatility that stands the test of time

When you choose porcelain or ceramic tile, you can use it in every room because it offers so many benefits that cross over from laundry rooms to bedrooms to kitchens. Porcelain tiles provide versatility that meets your visual requirements in one room and can guard against mold growth in another.

Stay current and clean

Easy-to-clean flooring surfaces will always be popular, and these floors feature a smooth, non-porous option that’s easy to maintain with only a few tools. Regular sweeping and an occasional damp mop can easily keep these floors looking great and supporting their intended lifespan.

Sustainable products that work

You'll appreciate that these floors are made of natural construction materials like glass, sand, and clay, using processes that don't use a lot of energy. That's why tile flooring is not only stylish but also recyclable once it's time to remove it from your home.

Our tile store will help you find the perfect flooring

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are excellent product options for beauty and durability, so they cover many remodeling needs in a single product line. When you share your preferences and requirements with our staff, we’ll ensure successful results for any size project.

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