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Choosing a countertop for your kitchen is one of the most important home improvement decisions you can make. Finding the perfect material can take some effort, but iStone Floors is here to help make your kitchen both beautiful and practical.

There are a wide variety of countertops on the market, and the best-functioning kitchens often use a combination of materials. When you’re considering a new look for your kitchen, contact an iStone Floors consultant to create the countertops with the functionality you need.

Solid surface
Solid surface countertops are made of nonporous, acrylic materials. Solid surface options are perfect for your backsplash and around the sink, as they resist water, bacteria, and stains. Unlike laminate countertops, solid surface materials create a seamless surface for easy cleaning. However, these countertops are susceptible to scratching and are not a good option for areas that need to be heat resistant.

Granite is a beautiful option for your kitchen, and its heat-resistant properties are perfect for baking preparations. While granite provides an added visual element to your kitchen, it must be properly sealed once each year to protect it from stains and bacteria.

Quartz is the most durable of all countertop options. It resists heat, water, bacteria, and stains, and requires little to no maintenance. But if you’re looking for a customized look, quartz comes in somewhat limited color and style selections.

Eco –
Friendly countertops – There are plenty of eco-friendly countertop materials, and many of these new countertops are both durable and economical. Paper, salvaged wood and recycled glass and aluminum are all sustainable options that have comparable qualities to more traditional options.

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