Cork & bamboo flooring


Cork and bamboo flooring

Eco floors: Give your home an environmentally friendly touch

Cork and Bamboo Flooring are great choices for homeowners wanting to make an eco-friendly choice when updating their homes. Wood is also a natural product, but in order for it to be completely sustainable, the floors must be reclaimed, sustainably sourced or made from recycled lumber. iStone Floors is proud to partner with several manufacturers that offer eco-friendly alternatives to conventional wood floors.


Bamboo is a grass that naturally and abundantly replenishes itself in the wild. By choosing bamboo flooring, you are actively preserving habitats of endangered species.

Not only is bamboo an eco-friendly flooring selection, but it’s also extremely durable. Bamboo is about 27 percent harder than northern red oak and 13 percent harder than maple, which means it can withstand more use and foot traffic than traditional hardwood floors. Bamboo flooring is also naturally water resistant and repels insects and mildew.

In addition to being a practical choice, bamboo is perfect for homeowners looking for a unique and distinctive feel. Bamboo is sold in a wide variety of colors, textures, and widths, allowing for a completely customizable flooring solution.

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Natural cork flooring is considered eco-friendly because the same tree can be harvested multiple times. Cork floors are produced using the cork oak trees bark, which grows back completely within three years.

Softwoods are typically not considered an ideal material for flooring, but cork is an exception to this rule. The material has the natural elasticity that makes the floors especially comfortable to walk on, and the wood’s natural acoustic and thermal insulation reduce heating bills. If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, cork is the best flooring choice available; it is moisture resistant and antimicrobial. It also naturally resists mold, mildew, and common household pests.

Cork & bamboo

Cork and bamboo flooring selections are exceptional options for those looking to go green, and yet they are also practical and economical solutions for any homeowner.
Cork and Bamboo flooring in  from iStone Floors
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