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Best carpet for high traffic areas

Carpeting adds beauty and elegance to your home. While it's always essential to be familiar with different fibers and styles, that understanding is more important than ever when considering a carpet installation in a high-traffic area. They have a significant impact on both aesthetics
and function. 

There may be other characteristics, such as stain resistance and budget, that can also determine your choice, so be sure to describe your needs in detail when you come into our carpet store in Hurst, TX.

Five of the most commonly chosen fibers

Synthetic rugs are often more practical, especially for large families, kids,
and pets, because they tend to be more stain-resistant and moderately

  • Nylonis known for ultra strength and resiliency.

  • Woolis natural, inherently soil-repellent, durable, and fire-retardant.

  • Polyester,although less expensive, is also less durable than nylon. However,modern technology seems to be changing that, with the newer versionsbeing less prone to crushing and matting. 

  • Olefin(polypropylene) is budget-friendly and mainly associated with loopedconstructions such as the Berber style. 

  • Triexta,a relative newcomer to the market, already has a reputation forsuperior strength.

Stylish durability 

When shopping for carpet flooring, you have several stylish options that you can choose from. 

  • Lowpiles rugs with short, tightly woven threads are more durable thanlooped constructions like the Level Loop and Berber. 

  • Highpile rugs, such as the Shag with its long loose yarns, are keptmainly in low traffic rooms because of the extra TLC required forcleaning, as with Plush surfaces. 

  • Friezeis a high pile rug, but it's durable and hides dirt well, so it's OKfor high traffic areas.

  • Somerugs, such as cut-piles and cut and loop patterns, are appropriatefor all levels of foot traffic.

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