Best cleaning tips for sheet vinyl flooring

Best cleaning tips for sheet vinyl flooring

When sheet vinyl flooring was first introduced to the US market in the 1930s, it was praised for many things–specifically, its easy-to-care-for characteristics. Over the years, the design has evolved, but it remains a low-maintenance product.

Routine maintenance

Sweep regularly, at least once a week, but more often if possible. Sand and dirt are sharp and can scratch or pit your floors.

Mops should be damp, not dripping. Use one, preferably, with a microfiber head, as sponge mops tend to push the dirt around.

Avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners; they can damage the finish on your vinyl sheet and dull the floors. It goes without saying–no abrasive cleaners or tools.

Wipe spills immediately

Wiping spills immediately keeps spills from absorbing and staining.

A great cleaner right out of your pantry

White or apple cider vinegar is a great cleaner. They are a degreaser and, white especially, is a disinfectant. The vinegar is acidic enough to be a great cleaner for vinyl but not so acidic as to cause damage.

The formula is one cup of vinegar to one gallon of warm water. When finished cleaning, give another mopping with warm water only.

Add a drop of dish soap to your sheet vinyl flooring cleaner if you want.

Getting rid of tough stains

Many, like ketchup, mustard, or tomato sauce, can be removed with a baking soda/water paste. Baking soda is slightly abrasive, so it can scrub the stains without damaging the vinyl flooring.

Apply it directly to the stain and rub it into the stain. Wait a few minutes, scrub, and then wipe away.

Scuff marks can be removed with a little WD-40. For crayons, markers, lipstick, or ink, use a toothbrush and a little rubbing alcohol.

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