Three tips for maintaining natural stone countertops

Three tips for maintaining natural stone countertops

Kitchen countertops come in an astounding assortment of materials, from tile to natural stone, solid surfacing, and more.

The counters need to be both stylish and practical. They take up the most space, so they’re the first thing people see and often become a focal point.

The countertop is also where meals are prepared. Therefore, there needs to be plenty of both surface space and storage.

Natural stones like granite or quartz countertops are the most popular. Here are three tips for maintaining your counters. 

Remember, each countertop has its cleaning requirements

A vinegar/water cleaning solution harms granite countertops, but it’s a terrific choice for tile.

With tile, vinegar is acidic enough to break down dirt and grime but not too acidic to cause damage.

However, for a natural stone, such as quartz or granite, it's much too acidic. It will erode the material and strip the sealant.

It's also not recommended for solid surfacing. It causes discoloration and can damage the finish.

Wipe with mild soap and warm water

When you’re all finished with the cleaning, buff with a microfiber cloth to add shine.

Remove stains with a baking soda/water paste or a little hydrogen peroxide. This will keep your countertops in Hurst, TX, in top shape.

Seal regularly

This makes cleaning easier and prevents stains. Check with our professionals about the cleaning schedule, as each stone has a different requirement.

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