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What wood looks can I get with laminate?

These days laminate flooring is more realistic than ever. Natural wood, stone, and tile looks can fit into any decor, from rustic to coastal, modern urban, and more.

The product comes in many colors with a variety of finishes and textures. In addition, you can create some of the unique hardwood layouts so popular today.

What looks can I get with laminate wood flooring?

1. Whitewashed: This isn't a smooth, finished white floor. Instead, it has a worn look, with darker colors showing from underneath. 

It gives a beach-like feeling and is more released and contemporary. It will make your space look bright and airy.

2. Farmhouse-style: Here, whitewashed is ideal. Gray floorboards are another excellent pick.

Rustic decor: another good look

Textures define rustic decor. Embossing enables manufacturers to create handmade looks on non-genuine materials such as laminate.

Hand scraping's long sweeps give the planks both the look and feel of being unique. While weathered is a little more subtle, distressed includes holes and burn marks.

Embossed-in-register texture

This is the ultimate in a natural-looking surface! Here, indentions are made to mirror its image closely.

Wood patterns and unique layouts

Herringbone connects two planks at a 90-degree angle creating an intricate, angled design. You can easily achieve that look with laminate flooring.

The chevron pattern joins the boards at 45-degree angles. So, you can get them with the design already on them.

Stone & decorative tile echoes

While we concentrated on planks, you could get marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, and more stones. Decorative tile looks come in various finishes.

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